Top 10 Fitness Trackers:Cardio Tips

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Top Ten Cardio Tips

Cardio is the cornerstone of your workout; these ten tips will help you ensure your cardio is ultra effective.

Get a Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor ensures you don’t over train or workout at too high a tempo and can help you hit your goals

No Pain Good Gains

When performing a normal cardio session you should still have the breath to conduct a conversation, don’t overdo the intensity it won’t benefit your development.

Do something you enjoy

Hate running? Don’t do it. Love cycling? Do that. Pick a cardio routine you will look forward to doing

Switch Machines

A forty minute treadmill workout can be boring can’t it? Why not switch between the treadmill, rower, elliptical and stepper?

Play with the intensity

When you have completed your base phase why not throw the odd high intensity session into your workout? Sprint for thirty seconds and jog for two minutes and continue this for twenty minutes. A real tough workout!

Get the correct equipment

If you are running as part of your cardio routine, ensure you have the correct footwear. The wrong equipment will get you injured.

Do it in the morning

Performing your cardio routine in the morning on an empty stomach will massively improve the session’s fat burning properties.

Stay Hydrated

You will quickly become dehydrated if you’re not taking on water during your cardio sessions.

Stay Motivated

A standard cardio workout can become boring quite quickly so make sure you have some music on the go or a great view to keep you focussed.

Wait at least 45 minutes before eating.

Waiting for at least 45 minutes after your cardio session before eating will massively benefit your fat burning capabilities.

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