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Research has shown that it takes approximately 21-days for us to develop a new habit. This means 21-days of eating healthy...21-days of going to the gym...21-days of doing what ever it is that you want to implement as a habit into your life.
Far too often, when we try to implement a new habit into our lives, we look at it in unmanageable light. Because of this, these new healthy habits never get off the ground because instead of focusing on just 21—days, we sabotage our goals with the mindset that we will have to sacrifice forever.
So, Instead of starting out with thoughts of making a new habit for life, make you can make it a lot easier simply by telling yourself that you are just going to “try” this diet for just 21-days. We can all do 21-days, right? Let your brain “know” that once this “trial period” is over, you can go back to your old eating habits. Then, while your brain lets you participate in this “trial,” it will also be working to form new neural pathways once it realizes that the new habit has benefited you positively in some way. This is the science behind how we develop habits and research has shown that it takes approximately 21-days to develop new habits or to break old ones.
In the case of the 3-Week Diet, your brain will have noticed that it now takes less work to move your body throughout the day because it has shed so many pounds. It will notice the increased energy you have as a result of your daily walks, weekly resistance training and other exercise components of this diet. Your body will also take note of your physical appearance, your muscle tone and how your clothes now fit much looser. Basically, your brain will see remarkable benefits that will stick with you and cause you to follow along the path of good eating and exercise habits
Now, understand that research has shown neural pathways to any habit (even those bad ones) can be life-long, which means bad habits can resurface when triggered to do so. This means that you constantly have to be aware of your thoughts and you need to make conscious efforts to avoid engaging in those bad habits of the past. Believe me, after 21-days, it’s relatively simple to convince yourself to avoid those bad habits of the past. While you will be able to indulge in your favorite foods, they will not be able to take over your life. My intention of the 3-Week Diet is not only to burn fat away fast but to also force new, good habits of eating and regular exercise that will stay with you forever. This will ensure that you get the body you’ve always wanted and keep it for life.
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